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This is where you can keep up to date with all of the TBA Happenings at General Assembly 2017! 

You will find information on: Workshops, Lunches, and Youth Events- all being organized by TBA people! Along with that information you will find a live feed, updated every hour, of our social media accounts as we Selfie, LiveStream and Snap our way through General Assembly!  At the bottom of this page will be a link to a live stream of each night's Worship Service at General Assembly! Don't forget to tune in, you might see some people you know! 

Here is where you can find TBA Leading at this years General Assembly! 


We have several people from the TBA leading workshops at General Assembly! Click on the tabs below to find out more information about those workshops!

Rev. Andy Mangum(First Christian Church Arlington)


Worship Planning

Worship has sometimes been described as an encounter with the Divine, an experience of the Spirit of God, an outpouring of love and devotion for the Creator.  How, then, can true worship be “planned?”  This session will explore how careful thought, study, prayer, communication and, yes, planning can increase the odds of creating a worship experience in which the profound presence of God is experienced. We’ll share personal stories and experiences, resources, methods, and ideas for developing a team approach to worship planning.  There will be time allotted for questions and discussion. Leaders:  Andy Mangum
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 201

Rev. Dr. Katie Hays (Galileo Church) 


Emerging Roles for Ministry

A guided discussion/conversation considering new definitions for the task of performing ministry in a postmodern, post-Christian setting. What does it mean when the people don’t’ come to us to hear the good news of the gospel?  Do we need to rediscover the role of the evangelist in our congregations?  What would it mean if a congregation intentionally chose to use less than 50% of the pastor’s time for preaching, pastoral care, and administration and instead sent them out as missionaries with time and expectation to make “new disciples”?  Everything old is new again!  Rev. Dr. Katie Hays, facilitator.
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 102

Dana Lobaugh (FCC Arlington) & Nathaniel Cook (South Hills Christian Church)


Reclaiming Congregational Song

Many of our churches have lost the basic practice and art of singing together, while others maintain robust singing as one of the most important acts of worship. Scientific studies about the individual and communal benefits of singing abound. And the plethora of songs found in the scriptures as well as proclamations to sing to God are unmistakable.  Come and learn how and why to coax a congregation or group to sing with joy and abandon.  Praise the Lord and rejoice with singing (and without fear and trembling)! Leaders:  Dana Lobaugh, Alin Cass and Nathaniel Cook
Location:  Indiana Convention Center Room 204


Here are a few of the Lunches that are being lead or organized by TBA peoples! Click on the tab below to find out more information! 

Brite/TCU Lunch

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Indiana Convention Center, Wabash Ballroom 2

Disciples Womens Ministry Lunch

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


J.W. Marriott, White River Ballroom F-J 

Disciples Men Lunch

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Indiana Convention Center, Wabash Ballroom 1-3


Our very own Maddi Berry is apart of the General Youth Council and has been apart of planning the youth events at General Assembly! Click the tab below to find out more about the Youth Events

Youth Happenings


1-1:30 pmGathering
1:30-2 pmWelcome/icebreaker
2-3 pmScavenger Hunt
3-3:15 pmOrientation to Assembly
3:30-4:30 pmGeneral Minister candidate forum


8:15-8:45 amFirst Watch/Announcements
8:45-9 amIcebreaker
9-10 amWorkshop: JKwest
10-11 amExperiential Moments: JKwest
11-12:45 pmLunch/Break (all assembly activity)
1-1:15pmGathering – Icebreaker
1:15-2:30 pmWorkshop: GA Business Session
2:30-3:15 pmFaith in Action: Engaging the business session
3:30-4:45 pmAll Youth – Dodgeball Tournament
4:45-5 pmSecond Watch/Devotion
9-10:30pmYouth after-session:  Movie Night


8:15-8:45 amFirst Watch/Announcements
8:45-9:00 amIcebreaker
9-11 amRedesigning youth ministry
11-12:45 pmLunch/break (all assembly activity)
3:30-4:45 pmOPTIONAL – Mission Project with Chi Rho


8:15-8:45 amFirst Watch/Announcements
8:45-10:45 amLearning Track Workshops (all assembly activity)
11-12:45 pmLunch/Break (all assembly activity)
1-1:15 pmIcebreaker
1:15-1:30 pmHighlight: National Benevolent Association
1:30-2:30 pmWorkshop
2:30-3:15 pmYoga (participants should bring a towel)
3:30-4:45 pmAll Youth – Carnival & Games
4:45-5 pmSecond Watch/Devotion

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